Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alter Ego...!!

      When I first heard this word in my life (in Kolkata), I was not sure this kind of could even exist, just mugged up as a new word. As thousand of new words came into picture when I started  studying in English medium(in class 11th ), so it was merely a word for me. But its meaning is so deep , which I felt sometime later.
      What hits me to write my blog after so long time., even I was not seeing my blog since last 2 months. I dedicated this blog for my poems.which are certainly the words of my heart . So what pushes me to write not a poem , but rather this  "Deja Vu..".yes the movie, not from  hollywood , but made by the guys of IITB ,brought me here to write something. When I first  watched it , I felt ,how boring a movie can be.!! so aweful..
almost ignored , except the first part..Although I liked the way of presentaion (an IITian way..supercool actually). But last year I watched it again..and liked so much . Because I visualize the Alter Ego part there only.
Every one has alter ego, even I have .I have this blog as an alter ego right now. In this routined life , sometime we want to go back in all great memories, where there was no boundary of dreaming and thinking . Unfortunately , we can't . We all show ourselves as happy with what we have and what we are. We all have a mask on our face, which hide our all troubles to share with others . It is very difficult to know what is going on one's heart while you talk to them . There is good dialogue in that movie ..."niether the moonlight is red nor the sunlight"..(like there was a red colored light in Movie Mr. India , through which Anil kapoor could be seen.)  which helps to find the feelings of heart and the problem people are hiding from the world. We all have our own world inside our hearts and we live there only.
A great message from movie:
          There are generally two kind of people in the world: 1  who live in present 2.who live in present for future.But there is a third catagory too.. who live in PAST... they could never be happy inside.

I don't know to have alter ego is good or bad, but sometimes I feel it is the only real friend of person.

-Ziddi Satya