Friday, September 23, 2011

hiding from my heart hurts..!!!

Hiding from my heart hurts!!!

Only heart says right  but why its voice is silent..
When I sink in the sea of life , it shows me an island..

To you, I might look glad....with shaking  hands and saying a 'hi'..
To you, I might be cheering …saying  hurrah..on going so high…

But how can I show the feeling of my heart....
Which never questions , but always looks for the reply….
a reply which is not a star with some shine,
a reply which makes it’s carrying happiness from thousandsof miles..

If tears  roll down  ,I could hide it in rain…
If you hurt me, I can bear  that pain..
But how would I wipe the tears of my heart…
So hiding from my heart really hurts..!!!

There is always conflict between heart n mind…
Mind thinks , then says .. but heart is very kind..
It  silently  says.......  without bothering mind…
true smile comes , when I  follow it being blind..

Why the heart is always true?
Why its smile is always true?
Why its beat  sounds a rhythm..
Oh!! "SHE" lives there!! That’s the clue !!

Why was I hiding from my heart? It seems worst.
Now I am listening to my heart .. ..I blindly trust..!!

--hu hu huuuuu  mazaaa aa gaya ..first trial in English..:) grt job sat ...!!.